Why do you always have to eat after exercise?

Diet without exercise

Diet without exercise does not have the desired effect but also exercises without diet modification. Badly do those who pass by the exercise, but also those who are starving.

It is generally known that a person regularly exercising needs more protein, healthy fats, and healthy carbohydrates.

The opposite of people who literally fumble after the exercise are those who struggle to eat to waste unnecessarily what they have consumed, and that their sore body grows after fat. Both approaches are bad. Why?

The sooner you get drunk, the worse
Whether you are practicing in the morning, in the afternoon or in the evening, it is important to eat something within hours after training. Accelerate your recovery process and get the energy you need.

The later you work after the training, the more damage your body will feel and the recovery process will last longer.

Susan Besser, MD, a specialist in family medicine, says that if we do not get our diet as soon as possible, the problem is cumulating and persisting. It does not work so that other food can solve everything.

The worst thing is to train in the fasting and eat until lunchtime
The worst situations happen when you exercise in the morning – without breakfast and then take a few hours. Your body has no energy supplies with which it could work, it means you will feel tired, exhausted for the rest of the day. Just do not fix it later.

What’s still going on with the fact that you do not find yourself after exercise?
Low sugar and dizziness
If you do not exercise after exercise, your body will reach the glycogen stores you have to maintain a stable blood sugar level. When the brain is forced to keep energy under the auspicious mode, it means that it slows some of the body functions.

You may experience weakness, fainting, dizziness. If you repeat this error for a long time, you can tackle metabolic diseases as well as heart disease.

What’s going on?
When it exhausts the glycogen stores, it starts burning fat (and then muscle mass). And that’s why some young girls refuse to eat for hours after training.

Unfortunately, this can only be called a health hazard. Moreover, even if you add energy, it takes a while for the body to use it and stabilize the blood sugar level.

If you do not have any fat or your body turns it into energy, it will come to your muscles. Then there is a loss of muscle.

There is a risk of dehydration
If you do not fill up with fluids and meals, you will be dehydrated. There is an electrolyte imbalance in your body that leads to cardiac arrhythmia. Muscles, including their hearts, need electrolytes for their activity.

This phenomenon is the most common in chronically malnourished people, often occurring in women with eating disorders who are convinced that they have to practice even if they do not eat and drink the minimum. That’s extreme.

Drink definitely do not miss
If you do not get into the clock for a diet, you should definitely drink it. Just plain water, an electrolyte drink is not necessary.

This is important if you practice for a very long time at high temperature. Of course, drinking water is also important before training so that the body can prepare for sweat – to get it out of harm’s way.

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