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When Marriage is Over: 7 Brighter Sides of Being Divorced

It is 2018 and divorce can still be a taboos subject for many people. Sure, it is not acceptable for everyone, but sometimes couple need to do this to survive their self-growth and regain confidence in life. Parting ways of married couples is devastatingly painful but it inevitable especially if they are having a toxic relationship affecting the family and kids.

In divorce, it challenges every aspects of one’s life including finances, romance, real estates, the kids, and the future. It is a painful thing to experience. However, if marriage is not working out anymore, it is time to let go to save whatever is left.

Can a person still be able to live and become happy after divorce? The answer is YES! As long as the couple have sincere and responsible family lawyers that will help them ease the process, everything will fall into pieces. Find out the brighter side of getting into divorce:

Chance of resetting financial priorities

There may be some financial setbacks after divorce but it is totally normal. However, it also gives an opportunity to rethink priorities in terms of finance and begin a new positive thinking. After divorce, a couple may decide to give a family home, which is beneficial in the long run. They can opt for smaller house or just an apartment, a wise financial decision since they are working on their own now.

Perfect opportunity to regain happiness

If you think divorce will make things worse, reflect on that thought again. Divorce can give the former married couple another chance to live their lives according to best way they know. They can begin again their lives with or without another partner. This is the time where they can have the happiness they have been looking for. They would be able to develop personal skills that eventually help them to gain better quality of life for themselves and their kids too.

Brings back the freedom

Ask yourself, when was the last time you went out with friends to have without worrying too much about home, your partner, and the kids? When was the last time you have actually have the “me” time? When a person gets married, he or she thinks about the family first and how to save enough money for the household. After divorce, no one or nothing will limit the person’s desire and time. Whether the person decides to hang out with friends or watch a movie, he or she is free to do so without worry. Keep in mind that everybody deserves to be happy.

Receives financial independence until retirement

According to the study conducted by researchers at the University of Connecticut, Social Security Administration, and National Institute of Aging, divorced women are frequently better off during their late age. Backed with data from Census Bureau and Social Security for 40 years, researchers proved that divorced women who did get married again had greatest earnings growth. These women were likely to delay getting Social Security benefits, resulting to an increased lifetime benefits compared to married women.

Kids can be responsible at an early age

As shown in Western movies and TV series, kids with divorced parents often struggles in life. While this is true and the divorce leaves a remarkable impact, it is also a fact the children suffers too in a toxic family environment. A lot of couples try to stay in the marriage, failing to address their problems and making kids suffer along the way when they witness frequent arguments, tension, and stress. A brighter side of divorce to the kids is that they mature fast and at the same time, develop a sense of responsibility at a young age.

Improves the health aspect

Another aspect that will improve after divorce is health. Getting out of toxic marriage looks like a long journey from hell. After the divorce, involved parties tend to improve their health in long-term basis. They finally have the incentive to lose weight, work out as much as they can, and get healthy. Doing so, there is also a chance that they can attract another potential partner in the future.

Reunites with friends

Just like getting freedom back, divorced people can also reunite with friends that they were not able to catch up with up with because of busy schedule with family and some toxic reasons like the spouse does not allow any hanging out with friends. After divorce, he or she is now able to meet the friends without stress and all of them will the freedom to do anything they want.

Divorce is not easy so married couples should think about it carefully. However, keep an open mind that this step will have a good impact on their lives in the long run.

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