These are Delhi’s Best Secret Chole Bhature Spots!

Delhi is indeed a city of foodie’s paradise. The city has a variety of people coming from different backgrounds, but this place never misses to satiate your appetite. Delhi offers the unending variety of food from Indian to international cuisines, but what really interests the essence of the city is its love for street food. Delhiwallas simply love to eat and therefore you will find all kind of food stalls in every street of Delhi. When you’re in Delhi, you just can’t miss the food otherwise your Delhi experience will be incomplete. Delhi is a hub of Best street food in India, which is not just cost-effective but also tasty, when I talk about Delhi it is always Old Delhi which is famous and one can find a variety of cheap street Food from Chandini Chowk ka Mutter Kulcha, Aalo Tikki, Kulfi Faluda, Kachaalu chaat, Kebabs, Stuffed naans and Mutton items of Old Delhi is-to-die for, giving it an unparalleled variety. Presenting, a food lover’s Delhi.

Chole Bhature is the most delicious and lip-smacking North Indian fast food, quite popular among Punjabi cuisines. Made with a combination of Chana masala and fried bread called Bhatura with pickled carrots/radish/onions and lemon on top. In Delhi, this popular Punjabi delicacy is famous among food lovers. Authentic Chickpeas/Chana masala is cooked with earthy spices including cumin (jeera), coriander (dhania) and anardana (which lends it a tart flavor) in a hearty mix of a tomato and onion gravy. To cook perfect Bhature the dough is fermented for at least an hour before frying. To get steaming hot plate of Chole Bhature, checkout out our picks of Best Chole Bhature in Delhi! 

List of Best Chole Bhature in Delhi:

  1. Sita Ram Diwan Chand, Paharganj

Sh. Sita Ram Ji started a business of Chole Bhature in 1970 on cycle, further in 1980 started serving customers opp the Imperial in Paharganj. In 1990 bought a shop near Chanakya Hotel, further in 2008 his on bought another shop. Sita Ram Diwan Chand located in Paharganj, serves the most amazing Chole Bhature, Paneer Bhatura, Chana Bhatura and Chana Kulcha. This spot is considered to be the cheapest breakfast option as it provides a full plate of Chole Bhature for INR 70 (approx.) and sweet Lassi for INR 50.

What to have: Chole Bhature, Sweet Lassi

Popular for: Legendary breakfasts, Quick bites, pocket-friendly treats

  1. Shree Gopal Ji, Rohini

Located at Rohini, Shree Gopal Ji is a perfect solution for all your mid-day hunger. They offer yummy Chole Bhature and delicious Lassi at very reasonable prices. The full plate of Chole Bhature cost INR 80 while half costs INR 50. This food joint in Rohini offers satisfactory and joyous experience, making the outlet incredible providing tasty food in desi style!

What to have: Chole Bhature, Lassi

Popular for: Reasonable prices, Breakfast

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