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Sell Your Used Car And Get Rewards As Much As Possible | Sell Used Car

How can I sell my used car as much money as possible?

I’ve talked to several auto experts to help you get your car at the right price, with as little stress as possible. Here’s what they said.

Get your car looking awesome:

You will not be surprised, but people prefer to buy clean, nice-looking cars. Things like stains, dirt and crumbs would make your car look cheaper than it really could and give the impression that you have not cared well for the car. And that’s the most important thing about selling your car: Convincing maybe nervous buyers that your car was well taken care of. Even if you’re an older car, there are several things you can do to make it more shiny and attractive. You want it to look as close as possible.

Get it detailed:

Think like a dealer and sell your used car for more by detailing it. Almost all of my auto expert sources recommend spending the $ 100-200 on this service. Lauren Fix, spokesman for the non-profit Car Care Council, said detailing could add $ 500 or more to your car’s resale value. Detailers help to redesign the car by removing light scratches and painting imperfections, polishing the car, shampooing the carpets, defusing the engine, and more. Cars Direct has a guide to what to expect from a car detailing service and how to choose one. (You can detail your car yourself, as car detailing secrets are out of pocket, but it’s a lot of effort and time,

Replace the floor mats:

A simple and inexpensive trick is to exchange worn, dirty doormats with new ones, Fix suggests.

Rethink any changes you may have made: Any mods you have added to your car should be considered if they were well done and, most importantly, make your car better with them.

Your Nissan 350Z with body kit, smoked taillights and darkened rims probably looks amazing, and you’ll probably find that the kind of buyer looking for a 350Z loves these styling modifications and will rather buy your car. But what about your 4-hundred Honda civil society that you’ve added this spoiler and the giant silencer (those in the muscle car world refer to these as “fart boxes”)? That fake hood you get from AutoZone or the neon bulbs did you add the interior of the car? These will probably discourage many buyers. Remove the wing, put the bearing wheels back on, and when a young child comes in just show them and offer to give them by car.

Get it serviced and repair the most obvious defects:

If you are not sure if something is wrong with your car, get it professionally inspected, While you’re at it, make sure you change the oil when it’s time for them, as savvy shoppers know they care about burnt oil.

Car needs a lot of repairs? It does not make sense to pay thousands to fix them all, unless you know your vehicle will fall the resale value more than the cost of the repairs if you do not.

Everything that will affect the perceived quality of the vehicle should be maintained. Is your keyless entry not working? Listen. Replace the battery in the key before the buyer comes to see the car. Even if you know it only needs a $ 5 battery, the buyer does not. When they sit at home and think about all the cars they’ve looked at, something like the keyless entry that does not work will stick in their heads. If the brakes are REALLY bad, you will need to replace them too. Again, if you only remember that your car creaked every time they came to a stop, as it sticks out in their heads when they think of all the cars they later saw.

You should also fix some of the bigger things that affect your car’s main look. A huge dent in your car is worth $ 100-200 to get out of the way, because that could give you a few thousand more for your vehicle.

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