History of Web Technologies

Versatile Technology was presented amid 1980’s. In starting web innovations are utilized just by few numbers of clients to share data identified with their scholarly work with their collaborator. Be that as it may, Today social media are turned into our piece of day by day life and billions of everyday citizens utilizing web innovations generally speaking the world

History of Web Technologies


Presently We can’t picture a world without Web. It was presented amid 1980’s. In starting web advances are utilized just by few numbers of clients to share data identified with their scholastic work with their colleague. In any case, Today social media are turned into our piece of everyday life and billions of average folks utilizing web advances, in general, the world


At 1990, Tim Berners-Lee who presented World Wide Web (www) composed a product for program and server utilizing HTML (Hyper Text Markup Language). This program was created to have the capacity to decipher and form content (just content) and show it on the page. Labels were utilized toward the back of site pages which were prepared by the program and substance shown in the PC. Assist improvement of new labels was firmly identified with the presentation of programs that could decipher and show picture and substance better with better visual impacts amid late 1990.

Internet Browsers

Tim Berners-Lee created first internet browser In1990. After that, there were numerous different programs were produced and it’s a start of web upheaval. In 1993 there were enhanced internet browsers presented that could demonstrate graphical substance which for the first time in web innovation it is named Netscape. In following, Microsoft presented Internet Explorer and it assumed control over the market and it keeps on being a well-known program even today.

Toward the start of 2000s parcel of cutting-edge programs connect Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Safari and Opera are presented. With progression in the web composition and advancement web crawlers are presented.


Amid the beginnings of web time, the speed at which demands for site pages were handled and recovered and the facilitating space offered for site content on the server were constrained. With the development of web, site innovation began to spread its underlying foundations into the vast majority of the business which made the requirement for higher preparing speed web servers. The consolidated advancements in server innovation (programming s& equipment), internet browsers and web architecture and improvement have brought about this immense development of web innovation.

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