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Easy DIY Handicraft Photo Frame Ideas

Make a unique DIY picture frame with materials alternating from up cycled materials like old books to Scrabble pieces included onto a store bought photo frame. The great way is there to show beloved photos than to put the effort into a handmade creation with one of these DIY picture frame ideas? Improve your DIY home decor with these fun and simple craft ideas that will save your memories.

Try your hand at these beautiful Do It Yourself picture frames that will add attractively to your DIY rustic home decor.

Picture Frame with Old Books

Been wondering what to do with all those lovely old hardcover books you just can’t influence yourself part with? What about the shoebox of photographs you would love to put in a frame but just can’t look to get around to doing? This inventive DIY project will solve both problems. Make these crafty picture frames from your old books to innovatively display both. Now you will get cool & unique repurposed craft and up cycling idea for DIY decorating on a budget!


Beautify Picture Frame with Wood Stain

Whitewashing is a great method for making a rustic or vintage look on a wooden surface of photo frame. Truworth Wood Stain Colors can help you in making wood frames antique. It is valued by most of the woodworkers as it gives an appealing finish to the wood. When we talk about whitewashing, there are several different methods but, you can go with the easiest and the most effective way by staining it. Beautify it in a rustic & vintage manner.

Beautify Picture Frame with Wood- Stain

Picture Frame with Mosaic Tiles

Perhaps it’s an old frame that you found in your attic or a beat up one that you found at a thrift shop. Start by choosing on a theme. Utilize your pencil and draw it softly onto the frame. The sky’s the limit here! You can make your design as simple or as complicated as you pick. If you have lots of small, delicate details, and plan to utilize larger beads, then you are going to lose a lot of that detail when you include the beads. If you keep your original sketch on the easiest side, you maintain the option of adding more detail.

Picture Frame with Mosaic Tiles

Make Picture Frame’s Wood Surface Revamp

First, assemble your wood frames. Now to put your frame together, you’ll require wood glue and some sort of joiner. You could utilize a metal brace that you screw into the pieces you’re joining together. If you are looking for something reasonable and convenient, you can utilize wood joiners for a buck fifty. Now let your wood surface look more beautiful with Rust-Oleum Varathane Wood Grain Enhancer. You can utilize this to change the look of picture frames which will surely add charm to your interiors. You will love it when something cool comes out of something unexpected. The potentials with these frames are endless too!

Make Picture Frame's Wood Surface Revamp

Decorate Picture Frame with Belt

You can utilize your creativeness and craftiness here to make your photo frame eye-catching for your guests. Utilize a utility knife to cut an old belt into four pieces to cover the frame, trimming each end at a 45-degree angle to match the frame’s mitered corners. The thing you need to do is that attach the belt with heavy-duty craft or hot glue. If your belt won’t totally cover your frame, paint the frame first with brown craft paint, and let dry. This is how your unique photo frame get ready.

Decorate Picture Frame with Belt

Final Thought

Some of our most prized possessions are family photos. That’s why it is incredible to try crafts display them somehow. Everyone can appreciate the beautiful photos you have taken and share these fun minutes with you again and again. Figuring out how to do photo and picture frame crafts is an ideal choice because they make amazing gifts. You can give them for birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, a teacher gift or specially “just because” someone is special to you!







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