CPR Training Essentials: 3 Things You Need To Know

Being the leading cause of deaths in Singapore, SDA needs to be solved immediately. The worse fact is that many cardiac arrests happen at home or at the workplace, where there is nobody to give the first aid to the victim. So, when they are not treated properly and don’t get the right medical help at the right time, they could not survive. Life is important, however, and in any circumstances, CPR and AED training is necessary.

Getting your hands –on this training is important, mainly because of these four reasons:

  1. It is easy to learn:

The training is easy to learn and helps in the survival of lives of your family members and colleague. The steps are very easy, once the trainee learns about them and can give electric shocks. In fact, by using AED Singapore, one will get more easiness because of voice prompts.

  1. It stands you different among all:

You can contribute your part in saving lives of your surrounding people by having this additional skill, while if you are an employee, it will add a feather on your shoulder.

  1. Not a hard nut to crack:

Mouth to mouth resuscitation is not necessary for the most situations of CPR, and so a person’s life can be saved only by hands-on on the CPR training.

Cardiac Pulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) is a life-saving technique for overcoming emergencies over many years. The skills are needed for providing the critical assessment and about the life-threatening scenarios. It is totally different from educational programs. So, the three things that differentiate it from educational programs are as:

MANNEQUIN-BASED SIMULATIONS: Mannequins are the essential part of CPR training program. Those who want to have a future plan for learning CPR or want to become a CPR certified must keep this in their minds. Knowledge in this regard must not be limited to the blended learning structures; rather instructors must make the students learn about practicing on the real mannequin. So, for making sure the muscle memory and to use through proper techniques, these hands-on skills are necessary to get on actual mannequins. And, the personal mannequins must be there for every individual. This experience ensures and guarantees to have a better experience in real-life situations.

Besides this, there must be a highly friendly environment in which professionals make students learn about performing on real mannequins.

AUTOMATED EXTERNAL DEFIBRILLATORS: A sudden cardiac arrest victim must be assisted by the device AED in Singapore. It helps in increasing the survival of the people suffering from SCA and so, has an increased demand for some years and expected to grow more in the coming years.

The device enhanced the efficiency of CPR certified persons and empowers them to take actions before an incident happens.

The victim’s heart rhythm is analyzed by this device by delivering electric shocks. Consequently, it can be said that this device is very valuable in any medical emergency that has increased the demand for AED.

APPLICATION OF AED: On finding a pulseless or ventricular fibrillation tachycardia in a person, the device of AED must be used immediately. It is basically one of the essential things in the CPR training, you need to know about, and in the case when the person stops his breathing. Like, for example, if there is an infant who is less than one year, you must have enough knowledge for treating him accurately. Besides this, the AED device is used for adults in a totally different manner.

The step-by-step instructions must be followed to use this device. Further, there are visual prompts that are considered as an additional benefit. However, other instructions must be followed before using MEDIANA HEARTON AED A10.


To perform the CPR effectively is crucial, and so it’s learning, especially, if you want to be a medical technician, medical personnel or paramedics. It is not limited to any age. Because a few minutes of training can save the precious life of any person. In fact, it doubles or triples those chances.

So, become a CPR certified and make changes in other’s lives.

ENROLL IN A CPR TRAINING COURSE TODAY! What does it take to become a CPR certified? Academiclinic is the best solution in this regard, providing unparalleled options for all Singaporeans; a leading training institute that provides CPR certification training in the whole of Singapore. The usage of real mannequins as a part of their courses, enable students to have their hands full-on chest compressions.

So, students become perfect in their skills. In addition to it, the whole team is committed and motivated for ensuring CPR properly, and for ensuring success in the health sector. The whole team is medically and professionally equipped with the CPR and learning.  Also, the staff is happy to respond to the queries.

The mission is to empower people with lifesaving techniques and have the high skills to embrace the training with integrity.

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