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Android App Development Requires Set of Expert Skills

The mobile applications make a large segment of the digital market with the convenience of information it relays. It helps in engaging with the target audience or customers in a better way and gives an edge to the competitive side of making a mark through online presence and connectivity.

It is critical to develop a responsive and user friendly app that gives information smoothly and is easy to download. There are a lot of technical aspects when it comes to developing an app. Android is at the moment the largest market in terms of Operating system across the globe.

1) Understanding and Knowledge of Language

Before you hire Android app programmer, it is mandatory to know the kind of skills and expertise a person possess. One of the critical aspects in understanding of the coding language and implementing it for developing an user friendly and customized mobile application compatible with Android platforms.

One of the most important languages that every programmer must have expert knowledge is Java. It is an object oriented language and helps in developing an extremely customized app. It helps in building distinctive element in the app and does not precisely require one to write loads of codes.

2) Expertise in Android SDK

 This is again an important technical consideration before you hire Android application developer.  The SDK or software development kit sort of makes the work slightly easy and convenient as it is a pre-packaged coding list that can be implemented while developing and designing the application.

 It is basically a package of Java Code and it can be used so that the app can be equipped with camera or accelerometer. It helps in integrating social media profiles and avoids all the time and hassle which was required for putting all the pieces of application design together.

3) Expertise in UI/UX

A lot of user efficiency and navigation depends on the user interface because designing an aesthetically appearing app is integral to its more download. Even if the app has lot of information but if it is not attractive enough it is less likely to be downloaded by users.

When you hire Android developer, make sure that they have an expertise in UI/UX so that the layout and outlook of the app is attractive. The interface of the app can be customized depending on kind of UI/UX knowledge and skill set used for app development.

 4) Android Studio

 The IDE or Integrated development Environment that is used by the Android developers is known as Android Studio. It is compatible with multiple types of Android Software Application Developer and imparts an advance understanding of coding and stuff to make things customized and flexible on the app.

Make sure that the Android developers for hire have ample knowledge about IDE as it is integral to developing the Android app. There are multiple features that are included in it like Gradle Integration, completion of the advanced code, integration of drag and drop feature and managing the system stability.

5) Information about APIs

 It is integral that as you hire Android app developers, they must have sound knowledge and information of APIs (Application Programming Interfaces). It is important because its implementation helps in accessing the applications that are web based. The third party services can be integrated through the API.

The experts for Android app development must have ample knowledge about the APIs so that it is easy and convenient to integrate third party elements. There are lot of APIs which are integral to the performance of the app and imparts overall convenience of usage to the customer.

6) Implementation of Right database

 It is important to have adequate knowledge and understanding of various databases so that the app can be handled in a convenient manner. When you hire Android programmer, the app should be consistent with its ability to handle huge amount of data that is integrated into the system.

There are number of cloud services that can be integrated like Firebase or Parse which can be connected to the app so that information can be stored. The app data should be synced so that there is a local as well as remote storage database available allowing offline app usage.

Developing an Android app is not easy and requires a lot of technical understanding and skills. It is important to hire a professional Android app developer with knowledge and information about developing a customized app. The interface should be highly customized according to the requirement of the application and need.

The material design and interface must be attractive enough to gain attention by customers. The app must be compact enough so that is does not occupy much space on being downloaded. The skills, professionalism and overall technical knowledge of the developers is extremely important to develop a good Android app.

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