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8 Advantages Offered by Office Screens

Office Partitions

Today we are going to discover a key element in the current offices: the office screen. A way to create divisions in the open spaces without the need for walls or visual separation. In addition, the screens help us isolate each space appropriately. According to the specific needs of privacy and acoustic insulation that they require. In this way we can give them the use we want without the risk of noise or discomfort and with total privacy for users. All are advantages in their use! We tell you 8 advantages offered by office screens.

It is also a flexible choice because there are different types that can be adapted to each need depending on their location and type of work that is carried out in each area of ​​the workspace. We can find total divisions for the meeting areas or we can use screens or other partial dividing elements that allow us to separate without isolating, in order to keep in contact with the rest of the workers and thus encourage teamwork. It is a matter of studying home case carefully and choosing the best possible option.

The demand for flexible insulation grows every day in a world that has become less rigid and corseted and with it, also our environment, and offices were not going to be less. Although the screens are not limited to offices, it is the place where it has become popular and widespread. But we also find them in hospitals, fairs, schools, dental clinics or health centers, hotels and all kinds of spaces that require separate spaces. They are a perfect solution to get a sense of modernity without losing the advantages of space separation.

Advantages offered by office screens

The office screens are every day more a basic part of the design and decoration of the offices. We tend to consider them only as a way to separate spaces but in reality they contribute much more to us. The good distribution of spaces in work environments allows us to increase productivity, help promote teamwork and generally benefit work performance. Let’s see what its main advantages are:

Quick installation: Its implementation is fast and does not require large investments of time or workmanship so they are cheaper than traditional systems. Depending on what you need, they can be placed in a few hours or even offer the possibility of not being fixed and being able to move according to the needs as with the screens.

They are economical. Faced with other types of separation are cheaper. In this way we can better adjust the budget of our office without giving up the separation between space that you need and that will help us to work and give a better service. The expense in materials that they require is also less than that of personnel to place them since they are easy to install.

Space flexibility Through the screens we can isolate only the spaces that require it without having to isolate all the space or we can only partially isolate some of the posts that due to their volume of noise or need for privacy so need it. The perfect solution! They can also be relocated if we need it. Most partitions can be disassembled and relocated where we need them with those that offer us much more flexibility.

Diaphanous spaces. We can create the sensation of wider and diaphanous spaces thanks to the use of transparent glass screens. Thus we give a feeling of greater breadth and also transparency of the company since nothing is hidden. Even managerial offices can be seen by everyone so that nobody is isolated or separated. The feeling that there are no secrets in the company helps improve the welfare of employees. This they know very well in the banking offices, since the transparent screens create in the client the sensation of security and transparency of our company.

Renew the office with the office screen. They are an element that brings modernity to the office and help us to give a change to the office without major renovation works or excessive costs. In the transparent screens we can use vinyl to decorate them and in the melamínicas there is a great variety of colors and options that make that we can give a totally new air to any space.

Made to measure The screens are made practically tailored to the needs of each client. This means that each position can be customized and that the result is perfect for each position. They also help us to transmit the image of the company we want, since we can choose the design but also the color, the type of material, its height, its width …

Take advantage of the light. Transparent screens help us take better advantage of natural light, a detail that we must not lose sight of when designing an office. We already told you in a recent article , but natural light helps us to work more at ease and improve performance at work.

Acoustic isolation. The screens help us isolate other areas so that the sound does not bother us when performing a certain function. There is also the possibility of installing a double insulation in both glass and wood to provide a better soundproofing to the space.

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