7 Destinations for a Perfect Turkey Holiday

For anyone who likes to travel, the dream is to arrange a cheap travel package. Other than price and budget range, recreation opportunities play a very important role in selecting the holiday destination. Turkey is a destination that can offer you everything, with the mix of traditional Asian culture, European beauty, perfect cusp innovation and traditional architect. Over the last decade, Turkey has emerged to be the leading tourist destination globally due to its history and mesmerising sceneries. If you are an adventure enthusiast and like to experience new things or you are just a photographer, writer, poet or an artist, this place can lure the dreamer in you. In case you are looking for a holiday destination that has natural beauty, landscape, sceneries and adventure all in one, Turkey is the dream destination for you.

It is a common misconception that you can only travel or enjoy a vacation if you have a lot of money. There are various travel agencies that provide cheap travel packages which let you enjoy a vacation within your desired budget. Regardless of the budget limit you have, if you prioritize and plan your vacation, it will be very convenient for you. Most of the time experimenting with the food, using expensive modes of transport and staying in luxury hotels can disturb your budget. You might end up missing the tourist attractions. Here is a complete guide for everyone who wants to visit turkey, so you don’t miss out on the specialities of turkey.

Turkey holiday – Night Life of Istiklal Street

Though Istanbul is not the capital of Turkey, it is regarded as one of the most famous city’s in Turkey. Istanbul is famous for a lot of things but one thing that truly distinguishes the city is its nightlife. The city offers both Turkish traditional and European style nightlife. There are bars and restaurants that offer traditional folk music concerts, belly dancing shows and traditional food. Whereas the European style nightlife, includes lavish bars, discos, nightclubs with expensive drinks. If you want to experience the best nightlife in Istanbul, the ideal place to visit would be the famous Istiklal Street in the Taksim Area (also known as Taksim Square).  The Bosphorus strip is also a good place for a nightlife, though the restaurants and bars in Bosphorus aren’t as good as those in the Taksim area.

Hot Air Balloon Ride and Cave City in Cappadocia

There is no way you can complete your Turkey holidays without visiting Cappadocia, famous for its hot air balloon ride and the ancient underground cities. The city satisfies the craving of a true adventurer. Cappadocia is known for its 36 underground cities. These ancient underground sites are well designed and qualify as the eighth wonder of the world. If you are claustrophobic, you can skip the visit to the cave city and enjoy the view from above via hot air balloon. The city is famous for its rock formation and beautiful wave-like rocks that were the result of volcanic eruption. Though most tourist prefer hiking, some opt for the hot air balloon ride which gives an aerial view of the entire city.

Sema Dance and Mausoleum of Rumi in Konya

If the verse “Away… beyond the concepts of wrong-doings and right-doings, there is a field I’ll meet you there” rings a bell, you must visit Konya. The house of the famous poet and Sufi scholar Rumi is in Konya. This land has the potential to lure the poets, photographers and artists. Konya is the place where thousands of religious and spiritual individuals from around the world come to pay their respects to the man who speaks the language of love. When visiting the mausoleum of Rumi don’t miss out on the Sema performance, Rumi’s followers started a Mevlevi order which is commonly known as Sema.

Bicycle Ride in Buyukada

Visiting Turkey without visiting the famous prince’s island is like visiting Egypt without visiting the pyramids of Giza. Buyukada is the capital of Kizil Adalar which consist of nine small islands. Among these nine islands, four are open to public and it might take a whole day to visit these islands. Its best to visit all the islands because each island is different from the other. If you don’t have much time Buyukada is a must visit spot. The island is quiet and peaceful and this makes these islands stand out from rest. Motorized vehicles are banned, so the only way to enjoy a tour is to rent a bicycle or get on a horse carriage. The island looks like a place straight out of a Cinderella story, lined with small wooden cottages and beautiful pine forest cones.

Bosphorus Cruise

One place must visit during your holiday to Turkey is the Bosphorus Bridge, this bridge links Asia to Europe and it is ranked as the 21st longest suspension bridge in the world. There is no way you can skip the iconic Bosphorus cruise, it is better to book the ride in advance. However, you can book a private ferry or even a luxury yacht if you want to travel in style. Also, various tour agencies also provide public tours. The Bosphorus cruise starts before dusk, which means you will experience the beautiful sunset as the seagulls rush back home.

Paragliding in Oludeniz

Oludeniz is the place straight out of a postcard, in other words, the clear blue sky complements the turquoise-blue water and sand beach with the lush green forests on the side. Although the idea of walking barefoot on the sand beach is far too tempting once the beach becomes too crowded most of the people like to take the high route. You can experience the beauty from a bird’s eye view while paragliding over the green forest, water and sandy beach.

The old city in Istanbul

If you like historic buildings and truly want to learn about the architecture, the old city is the place to visit. The place has the most impressive historic sites and beautiful buildings, these buildings include the blue mosque, Hagia Sophia and Topkapi place. The interior of Topkapi palace is decorated with colourful tiles and jewels that is a proof of the exuberant and powerful Ottoman Empire. Hagia Sophia is known to be one of the most beautiful buildings in the world, from the exterior everything fits so perfectly that the scenery looks just like a postcard. Sultanahmet Camii mosque commonly known as blue mosque due to the blue tiles in the interior of the mosque is a must visit place in you are in the old city.

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